Our team is made up of mechanics, collectors, amateurs, but above all bicycle enthusiasts. Originally from Paris, the myspad team evolves in an eco-responsible approach and ensures the recycling and repair of vintage and collection bicycles, as well as modern and contemporary bicycles. A good bike can ride for a lifetime if properly reconditioned. For this, we strive to ensure a regular restocking, thanks to our collaboration with individuals, collectors and bicycle sellers. Once in our hands, the bikes are carefully inspected and meticulously checked component by component. The willingness to offer a perfect reconditioning passes by the control and the technical knowledge of our mechanics.

À propos du partenaire

À propos du partenaire : Myspad (SAS V-hello)
Numéro de SIRET : 89745591100015
Adresse :
21 rue du faubourg Saint Antoine 75011 PARIS France